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Bathyarchaeota could be methanogens!

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A recent metagenome study by Evans et al., (2015) has detected the presence of a divergent mcrA gene sequence in Bathyarchaeota (formerly Miscellaneous Crenaorchaeotal group).

This has very strong implications such as : 

-not only members of the Euryachaeota phylum are able to perform methanogenesis 

-a version of mcrA existed in the Bathyarchaota and Euryarchaeota common ancestor

-new primers should be used to take into account the divergent Bathyarchaota mcrA gene to analysie methanogenesis, in the marine realm, and also in lacustrine ecosystems.

-these Bathyarchaeota can do a lot of amazing things (see Lloyd et al., 2013 & Meng et al., 2014)

here is the paper :

and here is a nice overview of the story : (where the figure below comes from)


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