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Geomicrobiologist in lakes (drying and freezing ones), rock licker, hip-hop digger


Summary of @échappee15 with and thanks to @ArmMax

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Some thoughts and words about this amazing week-end at "l'échappée volée 2015" in Chateau de Chambord

- there is a whole world of people thinking very hard to invent new things, and a lot of them actually don't want to make money!

- Chambord is nicer when there are no tourists

- Some say that the numeric (or digital i’m not sure) revolution we are currently experiencing is as meaningful as the development of language or writing to our humanity @singularityuniversity

- a good talk has a joke in its first minute and ends up with a one phrase message that is most of the time pretentious

- two PhD students have founded @waxscience to fight the bias of gender and sex in science, and they are amazing @audeBer et @vincentflora

- only two women were giving talks in this « renaissance » afternoon and they were the founder of @waxscience

- You should get ready for having your microbiome cleaned up by robot viruses created by and it is freaking me out  

-CRISPR-Cas is the tool for it and here is a related paper by the founders

-A genius named @pyduan wants to save the world « one algorithm at a time » by using his knowledge on

- He was the idol of the weekend and totally deserves it. Check out his work @bayesproject

- Cricket is very good in cocoa and pistachio energy bars

- @glowee makes light with biolumniscence genes but it is not powerful enough to bring it to the city. It probably looks good though.

- Some guys are super efficient at understanding what the issue is, what the drawbacks are, how to communicate on your qualities. And they often tweet very fast.

- I can’t so I write my thoughts here, the day after.

- Too much connectivity was a nervous breakdown symptom for @guybirenbaum 

- Miguel Benasayag is not a quitter and gives pizza board talks like no one else

- Foie gras and macarons are perfect together with a string quartet on the roof of Chambord

- Fake future trials should not occur after everyone has had champagne in a privatized Chambord castle

-The future of music sounds incredible thanks to @devialet and looks like your vacuum cleaner !

- So many people seem so nice at echapée volée, and a lot of them actually are. You can figure it out with asparagus on hollandaise sauce.

- At the end of the day you have plenty of ideas and you realize people had them before you, so back to your PhD world now...  (and talk about this to your research colleagues)